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Wilco Bos, Owner

Wilco Bos, Owner

The first thirty years of my life I grew up in The Netherlands. As a kid I was always busy with drawing and building things. We lived next to my dad’s machine shop so there were always tools to ”borrow”. My dad wanted me to take over his business as his only son, but I was never intrigued by metal and big machines. I loved the smell and workability of wood much more.

By the time I went to college, I didn’t know what to study, so I studied Management Economics and Law. After graduation, I ended up working at a law firm, when I quickly realized that I wasn’t passionate about this field of work. I felt restricted in an office and there was no room for creativity. In the meantime, I bought my first place, a loft, and made it my own. Redesigning and renovating my loft was a good way to keep my creative juices flowing. I was inspired by the beautiful design and craftsmanship of the interiors of multi-million dollar yachts. Once I was finished with the loft, people were amazed. I came to realize that I was not being true to my passion in my current job. Still not knowing what to do exactly, I quit my job, sold my car, and used the money to buy a ticket to the United States, hoping to discover myself. On that trip I met a woman named Kimberly, who I can now call my wife.

In 2007 I made the long journey across the ocean, leaving behind the country where I grew up, to my new hometown Los Angeles. This move was a great opportunity to start doing what I love the most, redesigning and remodeling houses. I started out helping some friends, complete their remodeling projects, and before I knew it word about my work had spread, and I had a couple of clients of my own. From that point my business developed quickly. Even though the housing market and economy were hit hard in late 2007, I was able to build end expand my business – all of it by word of mouth. My client base included famous actors, film producers and business people. Most of them turned into long term relationships with repeat business.

As I evolved with my business, I started to create my own little niche, out-of-the-box custom projects with a keen sense for aesthetics.

I love having the freedom to design and build custom projects for my clients, with their wishes in mind. I’ve done everything from custom outdoor showers and kitchens to built in bookcases made from reclaimed wood. It is great to go through the different stages of the project with the client and come to an end result that they love.

Late 2011, my wife, children and I came out to visit Denver and we fell in love with the city and mountains. After going back to LA we didn’t have to give it a lot of thought before making the decision to make yet another big move from LA to Denver. All of it with the idea to get a better quality of life for our young family; so far we love it! Now I am at the exciting point of this adventure, building up my business in the Denver and Boulder area.

Kimberly Bos, Designer


Kimberly Bos, Designer


I love designing outside of the traditional box. Wilco and I work together in such a complimenting way. My background includes working for the Kohler Company. While there, I gained an entirely new appreciation for design. I also learned a valuable education and application of plumbing products and design. I don’t think that every home should look the same, so I challenge myself to design a space that meets our clients needs, while also having a “wow” factor.